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DIY – Do It Yourself Suggestions

The RollBedder dollies can be used on all major brand pick-up trucks. (Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge).  Simply place the kit of 4 RollBedder dollies in the grooves of your truck floor near the back 1/3 of the truck bed.  Truck Owners and our RollBedder customers can cut a “Bi-Liner” false floor to fit with 1” loose gap between the wheel fender walls. Also cut length to fit between the front head board and the closed talegate.  We recommend allowing a 1” loose gap in overall front to rear length.

  1. Buy a ¾” x 4 x 8 sheet of exterior grade plywood from the local hardware store.
  2. Cut to fit between the wheel wells and from front to rear tailgate of your truck.
  3. Attach a surface mount, or flush mount pull handle in the rear center of your false floor.
  4. The Bi-Liner will easily roll across the RollBedder dollies for easy loading and unloading.

WARNING: Severe Injury can result if you do not follow these instructions.

  1. Place the four (or more) RollBedder dollies in equally spaced grooves in the back third of truck bed.
  2. Install a ¾” thick (Bi-Liner) plywood board (with handle upward at the rear) on top of the RollBedder dollies.
  3. Always move Bi-Liner to its full forward position and close the truck end gate before moving vehicle.
  4. Use handle when moving Bi-Liner in or out of the truck bed. Keep hands and fingers away from edges and pinch points.
  5. Do not pull the Bi-Liner floor more than 1/3 of its length beyond the tailgate.
  6. Overhung loads in excess of front cantilevered load could tilt down and dump out.
  7. Place adequate support stands under extended Bi-Liners when used for tailgate work.
  8. Maximum load is 400 lbs. (180 KG.) Do not attempt to use or move the liner with excessive cargo on it.
  9. Secure cargo load with appropriate straps and tailgate before moving or driving vehicle.
  10. Always place vehicle on level ground before opening tailgate or while rolling Bi-Liner in or out of truck.
  11. RBDR4 kits fit Ford, Cheverolet, GMC and Dodge pickup trucks.


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